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Norwagon started with a question…

After having been in Norway for over 5 years and seen plenty of the country, we were struck by just how few young tourists we were meeting. We asked ourselves – where were all the young tourists? We were only meeting retirees.The young travellers we did meet complained about public transport and the difficulty and price of getting to the best spots. We could relate to this, and knew the best way to explore Norway was at your own pace and by vehicle.We decided that we had to do something to share this special country with others; we had to make it more accessible. And at a price that most backpackers could afford. We knew that it’s not about being cheap when you travel, but about getting the best value for money.So Norwagon was born. We decided that the best way to serve tourists, climbers, skiers, climbers, kayakers, people like ourselves who wanted to explore, was to give them a mode of transport and a place to say. Norwagon combines the best of both, a vehicle to get you there, that converts into a home away from home at night.

Who we are and why we are here

Hi there, we are Matt and Julian.We’ve both travelled extensively and chosen to make Norway our home. After wandering round the globe, Norway struck us with its natural beauty, its stunning peaks, sheer granite faces and powder days.As a place to live and play Norway comes pretty close to the top of the list. We were born outside of Norway, so we can confidently say that without feeling like we are being biased. But you be the judge, come and check out Norway for your self and make up your own mind.

Not tested on animals.

It’s not enough to just have an idea, we think you have to test your idea. So we did. One of us lived in a van for a kayak season to figure out what works and what doesn’t. We applied the lessons we learnt when building our campers. Since then we have been tweaking and improving our Norwagons.