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Campervan roadtrip tromso Norway

Why Norway

Norway? – No way! How many times have we heard this? Or, It’s too expensive, it’s too far away! Well… not anymore! Northern Norway is now closer than ever! Oslo Gardermoen airport is connected to all major international destinations, and with numerous daily flights up to Tromso, getting up here has never been easier and cheaper!

Norway is a paradise for outdoor people! It’s no wonder that Norwegians are probably the most outdoors people in Europe, giving rise to a popular Norwegian expression – “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!” This relation to the outdoor and nature is deeply rooted in both Norwegian Culture and Law! “With the passing of Allemannsretten, Norway has made its wide expanses of stately mountains, enchanted forests, verdant meadows and long, dramatic coastline available for anyone to use and enjoy. All that is asked in return for this privilege is that people take responsibility (…) and then treating nature well…” as explained in The Travel Hacking Guide to Norway by Scott D. Meyer.

Velkommen til Norge!

Campervan roadtrip tromso Norway

So why Tromso?

As the great connoisseur* would say – “The nature surrounding Tromsø is… Oh, come on. It’s f**king amazing! Seriously! Mountains, fjords, flora and fauna. In the fu**ing Arctic! Whales! Puffins! Even the muskox, a real stayer! What else do you need to know?” in Tromsø – A poor Man’s Connoisseur Guide to The Best and “Wurst” of the “Coolest” City in The Norh, Except Perhaps Keykjavik, With Grateful Thanks To The Gulf Stream published by Raketten kiosk.

Really… Tromso is the capital of the Arctic! The Paris of the North! The Northernmost anything you can imagine! (Northernmost has become the adjective used to describe almost everything in Tromso) Tromso is also proud to present an ever growing art, music scene and nightlife! There’s always something happening be it a Arts, Cinema or Music Festival! But for us, it’s still mostly because of the nature and the extremes of living above the arctic circle! And the Northern Lights of course!

“So do it like the locals and Heya your way through Northern Norway!”

Campervan roadtrip tromso Norway

Best Roadtrips

The love for the road is something we all share here in Norwagon! Fortunately for us, Norway boasts some of the most beautiful roads in the world! This actually lead to the creation of the National Tourist Routes in Norway. It’s over 1’800Km of select roads guaranteed to blow your mind away! They will take you along the coast, up the mountains and down the fjords to provide you Norway in a nutshell! And as if the natural landscapes weren’t enough, they have combined it with stunning viewpoints, amazing pieces of design and architecture to enhance the whole experience – Norway style! There are 18 routes along the western, central and northern Norway.

By renting a Norwagon here in Tromso, you will be able to easily access the northern routes – Senja, Andøya and Lofoten south of Tromso, and the Havøysund and Varanger routes all the way up north. That’s over 600Km of certified Roadtrip awessomeness guaranteed to provide you with the best of Norway! Read more…

Ready that Roadtrip Soundtrack!

Campervan roadtrip tromso Norway

By Backpackers for Backpackers

Here at Norwagon we’re happier when we can carry all we need in a backpack! The Tramper way – Less is more! All our vans reflect that – they were designed by backpackers for backpackers, with everything you’ll need, no more no less! We think that to really get to know a country you need to go backpacker – take your time on the road and engage with the locals, they’re the ones who will really show you around, not those tourist books you see in shops! (except of course the Tromsø – A poor Man’s Connoisseur Guide!)

Norway is one of the best countries in the world to go backpacking – it’s incredibly safe! (Really! Nothing ever happens here, except maybe avalanches!), everybody speaks English, and by Norwegian law – The Allemansretten you are allowed to park or set up camp anywhere you want as long as it’s not private property or closer than 150m from a house! And If that wasn’t enough, it’s one of the happiest places on earth – continuously ranking in top three Happiest Countries lists every year! Read more…

We know It’s really not the destination that matters, but the journey!