Why book with us?

It couldn’t be easier!
We can meet you at Tromso airport, give you the van and you can go explore!

When you’re done, return the van at the airport before your flight – Yep, it’s that simple!

Budget friendly

What if we told you Norway could be a budget friendly destination? You can sleep, cook and eat in our vans, and they’ll get you anywhere you want to go! Except maybe the top of the mountain… But hey, that’s what legs are for right?

Flat rate rental

The idea is to keep it simple – You pay a flat rate per night with no hidden costs or extras. There are no additional costs for insurance, drivers, mileage, etc. Everything you need is included in the price. (Check our terms & conditions / FAQ)

Custom design

Our vans are designed by backpackers for backpackers! We know that to travel far and wide you need to be light and practical. All our vans reflect that – They are equipped with everything you’ll need no more no less!

Based in Tromso

Flying to Tromso is super easy! From Oslo – both Norwegian and SAS fly every day up here! Because Norwagon is based in Tromso this means that’s where you start and end your adventure.
(Check our terms & conditions / FAQ)

We’re flexible when it comes to hours and locations to deliver and pick up our vans!
Still got questions? We’re here for you – Contact Us!

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