Our Vans

Backpacker Style!

Our Vans are designed for the budget traveler!

They are equipped with everything you’ll need – no more, no less!

During daytime, the bed folds away to create a lounge space with a couch where you will be able to relax after a hike and cook your meals! You’ll also be able to store your bags, skis, or even bikes if you’re creative enough! We haven’t tried a Kayak yet though – Let us know if you manage that!

At night time, the couch converts into a double bed spacious enough for two people and 2metres long where even the tallest Viking could sleep comfortably! We supply duvets, pillows and all the bed linen and towels! Just don’t forget to bring warm clothes, this is the Arctic Circle! Perfect chance to grow a Backpacker beard!

All our vans have a fully equipped Kitchenette, with pots, pans and cutlery. A kitchen sink and a portable gas stove. It has everything you’ll need to prepare your meals during your roadtrip! We’ll even include a coolbox in case you want a cold one at the end of the day while watching the midnight sun on a deserted beach!

There is no bathroom in our campervans, but fortunately there is no shortage of camping grounds in Norway for a quick shower! Marinas are also a good option for a shower! Even public toilets have hot water here in Norway, can you believe that? Or do it Norwagon style, one bath before, one bath after – Backpacker style!