Norwagon camper FAQ

We’ve set out some answers to common questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for, Contact us!


What do you need?

A valid driver’s license (B category) is required to rent a Norwagon camper! Licenses from EU are valid in Norway. International driver licenses are valid if printed in English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. You need to be at least 21 years old and have a driver’s license for more than a year.



What is included?

Our camper van is equipped with everything you’ll need! We provide duvets, pillows, all the bed linen and towels. Kitchenette is fully equipped with pots, pans and cutlery. A portable gas stove (3 gas bottles included) and a kitchen sink with a 15L drinkable water tank.
Bring warm clothes, camera, a good book and you’re good to go! Don’t forget the roadtrip soundtrack too!

Insurance & Deposit

Insurance is included in the price. The excess (part you would have to pay) depends if the damage is just a broken mirror or damage to the vehicle itself. If this is something unforeseen, the excess for damage to the vehicle is 5000NOK – So that’s the deposit you are required to pay. Said deposit will be refunded within 5 days working days if the van is returned undamaged.

Cleaning Fees

Cleaning fees are included in the price, although we expect the camper to be returned in the same conditions in which it was rented! Meaning that while up front is the car, in the back where you will live, eat and sleep we expect it to be clean – you wouldn’t step in your house with muddy shoes, right? It’s the same for the back of the van! If the vehicle, pillows, kitchen utensils, stove, etc. are not returned in a clean condition, a fee of 500NOK will be charged from the deposit.

Second Driver

We don’t charge extra for the second driver.

Roadside Assistance & Breakdown Coverage

Our vans have 24h Roadside Assistance within Norway (Check terms and conditions for more details). In case of permanent breakdown, we will try to provide you a replacement although we can’t guarantee one will be available. In this case we will make sure you get back to Tromsø and refund you for the remainder of your days with us.



Good to know

Some things you should take into account before you head out on your roadtrip with Norwagon.


If cancelation is made up to 30 days before arrival, no fee is charged. If you decide to cancel between 30 to 15 days before arrival, a fee of 50% of total cost of rental will be charged. Cancelling up to 7 days before, incurs in a 95% fee. Not showing up also means a 95% fee. Any changes made to the reservation after checking in are not refundable.

Picking up and Dropping off Vans

We can meet you at the airport for your pickup/drop off of the vehicle – Provide your flight details more than 72 hours before arriving to make sure we know when you are Checking in/out. We can also meet you in Tromsø at the tourist information office. Just let us know what’s best for you! Picking up or dropping off vehicles can be made from 09:00 to 17:00. Delivery of vehicles outside this schedule has to be arranged via e-mail and may incur in a 500NOK fee.
Picking up and dropping off vehicles is strictly made in Tromsø.


You are required to refill the vehicle before delivery – Diesel! Failure to return the vehicle with a full tank incurs in a fee of 500NOK + the cost of refuelling to be deducted from the deposit.

Manual or Automatic Gears?

All our vehicles are manual!


In Norway, ferries are a good way to explore the fjords. And they also cut down on driving hours! With our camper you pay the normal vehicle price when riding the ferry!


Tolls will be registered via a chip in the vehicle. Tolls charged during the rental period will be deducted from the deposit.

Setting up camp

By Norwegian law (see allmansretten), you are allowed to park or set up camp anywhere you want as long as it’s not private property or closer than 150m from a house. Normal traffic rules still apply!


Nop, nop, nop! Smoking inside our vehicles is not allowed, step outside and enjoy the view if you need a smoke.


While dogs are our best friends, cleaning after them is extremely time consuming! So no animals are allowed in our vehicles!

Drinking and NOT driving

The permissible alcohol limit is 0.02 percent – Which means drinking and driving is basically out of the question. Besides, if your Norwegian friends see you drink and drive they will stop talking to you! Yeah, that’s how serious they take it up here!